Vietnamese Spiced Gin

ON a recent trip to The Hanoi Bike Shop in Glasgow's west end for some incredible Vietnamese food, I encountered some excellent drinks which went down really well with the deliciously spicy dishes from the restaurant's kitchen.
    The first was Hanoi Beer, which was big and bold and had a similar blackcurrant aftertaste that Dos Equis enjoys. After trying the beer, I decided to order the restaurant's intriguing Spiced Gin and was frankly blown away by how good it was.
    First impression was a bit of a 'wow' moment, as the glass was crammed with ice, lemon, sliced red chilli and a good serving of freshly chopped coriander. The taste was explosive and the restaurant were kind enough to tell me the ingredients so I could try and recreate the drink at home.
    It's a devilish twist on a classic Tom Collins cocktail - gin, lemon juice, sugar and soda - but The Hanoi Bike Shop spiced things up by adding a simple syrup infused with chilli and star anise. This not only gave the drink a slight viscosity, but also added a heap of wonderful flavours, while the addition of the fresh ingredients just took it to another level.
    It's a great drink and if you get the chance, try and make it at home. However, if you are in the Glasgow area and fancy trying the real deal along with a mouthwatering selection of dishes, get along to The Hanoi Bike Shop - it's my new favourite restaurant.


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