Edradour 10

SINCE I started this blog, I've tasted drams from all over Scotland, including one from Scotland's highest distillery and another from one of the country's most northerly distilleries. However, until recently, I had never tried a drop from Scotland's smallest distillery.
    I put that right last week, when I enjoyed several drams from Edradour - a beautiful little distillery nestled in the heart of the Perthshire countryside.
     As you would expect from a small distillery, the staffing levels and amount of whisky produced are also pretty small - only three men are involved in the distillation, while Edradour produce only 12 casks per week.
    But while the process might be diminutive, this 10-year-old hand-made whisky has a big taste, far beyond what I would normally associate with a 10-year-old single malt - especially for a spirit bottled at a meager 40%.
    Oloroso sherry casks have been used in the maturation of this spirit and that character comes through straight away on the nose. There's also a rum-like quality which sneaks through, while lemon, dried fruit, cherries, apple pie, cinnamon and a drizzle of sesame oil make themselves known after a few minutes. It really does boast an excitingly complex nose.
    Take a sip and there is, as you would expect, loads of sherry, but there's far more to this than just a heavy sherry influence. There's caramel, raisins, cocoa, buttery pastry, creme brulee and flecks of vanilla, while the long finish is mellow and seems to go on forever.
    A cracking dram and one I will definitely be keeping an eye on.


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