Whisky popcorn

I AM always on the lookout for interesting whisky products and can certainly vouch for Glengoyne's delicious buttery fudge - although, sadly, the box didn't last long. Maybe I'll have to take another trip to the distillery to restock.
    However, to keep me munching, I discovered Joe & Seph's amazing gourmet popcorn. While looking through the website and choosing a few pouches, I found they had whisky popcorn - Caramel, Macchiato & Whisky popcorn to be precise. So, unsurprisingly, I ordered some along with a few other flavours.
    Their air-popped, handmade popcorn is amazing and this whisky blend is no different. It has 4.9% of whisky in the mix and although that's not a great deal, it gives the crunchy popcorn a lovely rich, deep and nutty taste.
    The other flavours I've tried include Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter and Toffee Apple and Cinnamon - all of which were fantastic, but it's hard to beat the whisky version in my opinion.
    To find out more, head over to Joe & Seph's  website and take a look.


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