Ron de Jeremy

PRIOR to sampling this Panamanian 40% rum, the only thing I knew about Ron Jeremy was that he was the leading man in a selection of films featuring quite a lot of nudity. As a result, I'll try and resist the temptation to include double entendres and any quips about stiff drinks etc...oops!
    Back to the rum, then, and the first thing I noticed was how delicate the rum was in the glass. I had to leave it for 10 minutes and spend another 10 minutes or so with my nose in the glass searching for aromas. They are there, but this is a rum where it pays to be patient.
    On the nose, there's bananas, apples, white sugar, honey and caramel - but each of these scents I found to be very delicate. Take a sip, and this actually proves to be quite a robust rum with a good bit of flavour. There's golden syrup, raisins, honey, spice and vanilla, while the finish is dry, sweet and very smooth.
    I may have been spoiled by some of the other rum tastings on this blog, but while this is certainly a decent drop, it doesn't match some of the quality rums I've previously tried. That said, I did very much enjoy the Ron de Jeremy and I would definitely order it in a bar - although I might feel a wee bit bashful asking for it.
    My thanks once again go to Captain Steven James at the Rum Diaries Blog for sending the Ron de Jeremy this way. Cheers, fella.


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