High West American Prairie Reserve

A FEW months ago, I wrote about the excellent High West Double Rye - a wonderful blend of a 16-year-old rye and a feisty two-year-old rye. Quite frankly, it blew me away so when I saw another High West product, I snapped it up straight away. This time it was the High West American Prairie Reserve - a blend of two bourbons which - from what I can gather - are a six-year-old spirit from Indiana and a 10-year-old Four Roses bourbon from Kentucky.
    The result of this 46%, non-chill filtered blend is pretty good, although when it comes to bourbons, my favourite is still the Elijah Craig 12.
    Let this settle in the glass and there's vanilla custard, runny caramel, green oak, cinnamon, honey and After Eight mints. Take a sip and there's sweet toffee and fruit jam with a streak of citrus, while the finish is dry and woody, with spicy cinnamon, crystallised ginger and a lingering stewed tea note.
    All in all, the High West Prairie Reserve is a very good bourbon. But, it's a little on the pricey side when compared to the Elijah Craig 12, which, for my money, is still the best around.


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