Whisky Advent Calendar: Day 8/24 - Blue Hanger 9th Release; Berry Bros & Rudd - 45.6%

Nose: Fresh and floral, with sweet peat, cooked bananas, a drawer full of crayons and pencils, damp leaves, sherbet lemons and a touch of marzipan. Toffee and caramel notes start to develop after 20 minutes or so. Lovely.

Palate: Sweet entry, with honey, fresh floral notes, vanilla and a waft of smoky peat.

Finish: Long, with sweet woody vanilla, lemongrass, liquorice and spearmint.

Notes: This is the first time I've tried a Blue Hanger release and I'm very impressed. The fresh floral notes and peat play together beautifully, making this a whisky that could easily be enjoyed all year round. Great stuff.


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