Whisky Advent Calendar: Day 12/24 - Evan Williams Single Barrel - 2003 Vintage - 43.3%

Nose: Creamy vanilla, lemon, raisins - typical bourbon notes and certainly nothing spectacular.

Palate: Cinnamon, raisins, a slight grassy note and burnt sugar. It's quite hot and seems to be much younger than its 10 years.

Finish: Woody grapefruit rind and then the creamy vanilla comes bounding back along with a truck load of prickly spices. There's a rather unpleasant spirit note here, too which does absolutely nothing for this bottling.

Notes: This was a disappointment. I didn't get anything new, it certainly doesn't stand out from the crowd and the spirity note just left an unpleasant taste. This is only a sample, I know, but I wouldn't rush back to this. In my opinion, there are far, far better bourbons out there.


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