Whisky Advent Calendar: Day 13/24 - Balcones Texas Single Malt - 53%

Nose: Prunes, rich caramel and toffee, salted popcorn, baked banana topped with Muscovado sugar and there are definite traces of the Balcones Baby Blue here along with... wait for it... a Vicks nasal stick. I kid you not. This would make an excellent hot toddy!

Palate: Thick and sweet on entry which soon turns into a warming caramel sauce, with stewed tea and black filtered coffee - a breakfast dram? Dark fruits and dates are also noticeable.

Finish: The salted popcorn is transformed into sweet caramel popcorn along with winter spices, baked apple and butterscotch. The stewed tea note returns and it reminds me slightly of Glengoyne's Teapot Dram.

Notes: I really enjoyed this and Balcones continue to impress with their range. This is the third spirit I've tried from the Texan distillery and I've yet to be disappointed. It's also an incredibly easy to drink whisky despite its high alcohol content.


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