Whisky Advent Calendar: Day 21/24 - Scapa 16 - 40%

Nose: Zesty, with loads of orange marmalade and honey. There's also a slightly salty note, while barley sugars, fresh grass and marzipan also rise from the glass.

Palate: Rich and oily and that wonderful orange taste coats the mouth beautifully. There are also floral notes, a dribble of sweet honey, vanilla, a touch of spice and a twist of white pepper.

Finish: Spicy orange, fresh oak, chilli flakes, butter icing and it's deliciously sweet and warming.

Notes: This was my first taste of Scapa and I really, really enjoyed it. Orange is obviously a key aroma and taste here and it's dangerously delicious. I could see myself really getting stuck into a full bottle of this and you know what, I just might do exactly that in the new year. Just imagine what this could be like at a higher alcohol strength. Lovely.


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