Whisky Advent Calendar: Day 3/24 - Nikka From the Barrel - 51.4%

Note: I first tried this whisky earlier this year and wrote about it back in August. As you can see from my notes below, this time, I found a few more tastes and smells.

Nose: Sweet oak, honey, mashed banana, golden syrup, marmalade, vanilla essence, freshly cut grass, ground cinnamon, chewy butterscotch toffee, dried apricots, crushed mint leaves and barley sugars. 

Palate: Rich and oily, with heaps of sweet vanilla, grass, spicy cinnamon and a dollop of thick honey.

Finish: Icing and marzipan, apricot jam, a hint of spearmint and dry oak. One of the best whiskies I've tried this year. A real cracker.


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