The Glenlivet 21 Archive - 43% Batch 0612K

Nose: Floral with heather honey, baked apples, cinnamon, pine needles, nail varnish, pomegranate juice, pears, dried banana slices, caramel, barley sugars, a splash of red wine and a whiff of rose potpourri.

Palate: Sweet honey, pears, slight smoke, marzipan, liquorice, orange zest and toffee.

Finish: Oak, vanilla, raspberry, and burnt brown sugar. There's also an unmistakable bitter note at the end which spoils what could have been a really lovely dram.

Notes: Give the Glenlivet 21 Archive 20 minutes to warm and settle in the glass and this whisky smells out of this world. Take a sip and initially it's wonderful. Unfortunately, the finish lets the whole party down with that sour, bitter note and for me the balance just wasn't right. A good but not great whisky and if I'm going to spend £100+ on a bottle, I'm afraid good just doesn't cut it. I also assume E150 colouring is present and that the whisky has been chill-filtered as there is no mention to the contrary on the bottle.


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