Compass Box - Hedonism - 43%: bottling HE18MMXI

Nose: Floral with creamy vanilla, cranberry juice, spicy cinnamon, desiccated coconut, baked lemon, chocolate mints, crème brûlée, nail varnish and Plasticine. There's also a herbal note lurking around which reminded me of chopped coriander.

Palate: Soft fruit, milk chocolate, vanilla custard and light wood.

Finish: More chocolate with flashes of cinnamon, white pepper, wood shavings and sweet vanilla.

Notes: After thoroughly enjoying Compass Box's Spice Tree, this was yet another fabulous blend from the specialist whisky maker, but this time in the realm of grain whisky. My thanks go out once again to Ben Cops over at Ben's Whisky Blog for sending a sample up to Scotland for me. It's a delicious and robust blend, full of flavour and a really good late night sipper - it makes an excellent after dinner dram.


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