Glencadam 15 - 46%

Nose: Incredibly aromatic with raspberry juice, sweet tangerine, soft apricots, white wine, grapefruit, faint liquorice, apple strudel, mild mint and a slight shake of salt.

Palate: Fruity, with sugar-topped pastry, marzipan and barley sugars.

Finish: The liquorice note intensifies here but then a lovely golden fruit note washes in to give a beautiful finish, while deep vanilla holds it all together beautifully.

Notes: Like its older brother, the Glencadam 21, this is a lovely, lovely dram - although it's not that easy to track down. It's a whisky tailor made to be sipped during those long summer days, although it certainly put a smile on my mug when the wind was howling and the rain battered against my window on a cold Scottish winter night. It's also un-chill filtered and no colouring has been added. If you see it, buy it.


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