Balcones Baby Blue - 46%

Nose: Salty buttered popcorn, malty baby rusks, vanilla, honey, cream soda, grapefruit, fudge, corn on the cob and bread and butter pudding.

Palate: Very smooth and sweet with a mouthful of roasted corn, creamy vanilla, ripe mashed banana and a hint of chewy black liquorice.

Finish: Slabs of nutty fudge, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, mint flavoured milk chocolate, crushed black pepper, a twist of bitter lemon rind, a little salt and I even get a cloud-like swirl of candy floss coming through.

Notes: After the unforgettable fiery flavour sensation of the Brimstone and the lip-smacking quality of their Texas Single Malt, the Baby Blue is yet another wonderful whisky by Chip Tate at Balcones. The blue corn used to create this whisky gives it a quite unique character and it's clear this is a distillery not afraid to experiment and do things their own way. A delicious drop and I'm even tempted to pour it over good quality vanilla ice cream for an after dinner dessert.

Batch 12-9, bottled on 18/10/2012


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