Benromach 10 - 43%

Nose: Malty custard, slightly musty, butter icing, a hint of smoke, fresh green twigs, sharp red berries, grapefruit juice, sticky toffee, fudge and porridge with a swirl of honey.

Palate: This has a lovely viscosity to it and there's grapefruit, lemon, grass and there's even a slight papery taste lurking at the back. It also carries a slight spirit note.

Finish: Custard cream biscuits, vanilla, more icing sugar, freshly cut ginger, light wood and a hint of sage.

Notes: Another Speysider but my first Benromach and very enjoyable it was too. I especially liked the mouth feel, and that herbaly sage note on the finish. It's young, and that's perhaps where the spirity note on the palate comes from, but it's a very enjoyable drop. Would definitely like to try some older bottlings, but a quick bit of research has shown most of these are outwith my price range. The Benromach 10 costs around £27 and that's a very respectable price for an easy going dram.


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