Old Pulteney 17 - 46%

Nose: Clean with thick orange oil, oak, marzipan, green apples, gooseberries, butter icing, juicy sultanas, fudge and dollops of salted caramel.

Palate: Slightly oily with a touch of salt, sugar-coated lemon, cocoa, fudge, more marzipan, tropical fruits, drying oak and spicy fresh ginger.

Finish: Long, with nuts, toffee, butter icing, honey, black pepper, cinnamon and salt.

Notes: Over the course of the last year, I've thoroughly enjoyed a couple of bottles of the Old Pulteney 12 (thanks to some great supermarket deals) and it remains one of my favourite malts, but I have to say the 17 is on a completely different level. It's non-chill filtered which helps to give the 17 a lovely mouth feel and the taste just gets better as the bottle goes down. There are an abundance of lovely flavours and aromas going on here and it's very interesting to have a taste comparison between the 12 and the 17 if you get the chance. It costs around £60 and although not cheap, it's a cracking malt and I have no hesitation in recommending this one. A belter of a dram.


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