SMWS 59.47 A Dram For Shirley Valentine - 49.6%

On to the third and last of the 10cl bottles bundled in with my Scotch Malt Whisky Society membership pack. This is a 29-year-old cask strength single malt from the Teaninich distillery in the Scottish Highlands. It's also my first experience of Teaninich and I rather enjoyed it. Perhaps not as much as the last two drams in the membership pack, but still a lovely whisky. I should also point out that I really should know more about this distillery, as it was founded in 1817 by Captain Hugh Munro who owned the estate from which this distillery takes its name. The distillery was also in the hands of the Munros for almost a hundred years. Since my name is also Munro, I like to think I have a link to that time, therefore making me part of the Teaninich family. Anyway, enough of my wild speculations and on with the tasting notes...

Nose: Red liquorice laces, creamy peach, honey, golden syrup, sawdust, oak, freshly cut grass, white flowers, cranberry juice, butterscotch, rose water, lemon rind, strawberry toffee, malt vinegar and - interestingly - the inside of a matchbox.

Palate: Gooseberries galore! There's also toffee, baked lemon, blackcurrant Chewits, grass, cinnamon spice and a dash of traditional lemonade.

Finish: Lemon bonbons, caramel, vanilla, chilli flakes, pepper, a shot of espresso, Lockets cough sweets and a touch of soap.

Notes: Initially, I really wasn't sure about this dram. However, by the time I poured the last of the bottle into my Glencairn, I had started to warm to its wild ways. Water did nothing, except perhaps tone everything down, but even at 49.6%, this was very easy to drink neat. I would definitely seek out more from the distillery as it would be fascinating to spend time with a full bottle and get to know it a wee bit more. Top stuff. Next up, we have my first full bottle from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society...


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