Tomatin 12 - 40%

Nose: Someone at Tomatin has clearly been given the keys to the local sweetie shop, as this 12-year-old is a riot of sweet confectionery aromas. It's like a paper bag full of pineapple cubes, red liquorice sticks, sherbet lemons and red and black jelly babies. There's also spicy vanilla, grapefruit and barley sugars. A couple of drops of water bring out a faint salted popcorn note.

Palate: Quite delicate, with oaky vanilla, baked lemon, fizzy lemon Refreshers, ground cinnamon, mixed dried fruit. Again, that popcorn note makes itself known.

Finish: Black pepper, and slightly rough around the edges. There's also vanilla, prickly spices, a dab of sour lemon and sherbet-filled flying saucers. The pepper note lingers a bit too long, though.

Notes: This 12-year-old Highland single malt is a refreshing and thoroughly decent wee dram. Probably better suited to a hazy summer day than a cold and rainy Glasgow evening, but there you go. It's a little bit thin and has a few rough notes around the edges, but for around £30, it's worth picking up if you see it on your whisky travels.


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