A Brace of Bruichladdich - Part 2

There's no messing about here at The Whisky Moose - even on a school night! And, as it's almost the weekend, what better way to celebrate than two more drams from Bruichladdich. Tonight's chosen two are the Islay Barley 2007 and the Organic Multi Vintage. Both went down a treat this evening and here's what I thought. Lights, camera... action!

Islay Barley 2007 - 50%
On the nose there were some wonderful aromas wafting from the glass. I got malty, salty aniseed, seaweed, pickled ginger, honey, lemon, pears, vanilla rock, barley sugars, butterscotch and hints of rose water.
    The palate was deliciously sweet and oily with plum jam, golden syrup, treacle toffee, burnt brown sugar and a shake of pepper.
    The finish was lovely, with sweet vanilla, woody lemon, runny custard, malty rusks and a slight vegetal note.

The Organic Multi Vintage - 46%
As soon as this was poured, I got crystal clear barley, a little bit of wet wood, hay, butter icing, lemon muffins - I'm thinking specifically of the one from Starbucks - and gooseberry jam. There's a slight sweetness here, but nothing like the Islay Barley.
    A swish around the mouth brought hints of lemon, liquorice, a little yeast, a dab of honey and I even picked out some rye notes after a few minutes of serious swilling.
    The finish was initially quite restrained, but adding a few drops of water brought out honey, a little oak, soft toffee, vanilla and some spicy mint.

So there we have it, another two Bruichladdichs and neither let me down. It's safe to say I preferred the Islay Barley but I would be happy having either one of these bottles in my ever-growing collection.


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