Kilchoman Loch Gorm: 2014 - 46%

I'm ashamed to say it, but I have yet to buy a full bottle of Kilchoman. I've had several drams of the Machir Bay both at whisky festivals and bars and these tasting notes come on the back of a sample my good mate Yan sent up last week. But while a full bottle of Kilchoman's peated elixir has so far evaded my grasp, I can safely say that will be changing soon. Every dram I've tried, I've thoroughly enjoyed and this Loch Gorm sample has given me a much-needed kick up the backside so I'll be buying a bottle when payday rolls around.
    So, with my trunks safely secured and modesty intact, it’s time to dive into this Islay loch and see what I can find below the surface.
    On the nose there's slabs of moist peat, but underneath, there's a sweetness which fills the nostrils with lovely peach and apricot notes. Dive down deeper into Loch Gorm and there's green twigs, coconut, vanilla, coffee beans, bandages and waxy cough sweet wrappers.
    On the palate, it's initially all about a silky sweet peat arrival. Lots of billowing wood fire smoke then blows through, while a gentle honey note keeps everything in check.
    The finish has green wood, tobacco, a dab of sherry sweetness, a bite of liquorice and it's all beautifully mellow - like taking a draw on a well-made cigar.
    Lovely, lovely stuff from Kilchoman. Now, to find a bottle before it sells out!


  1. Nice review. I am dying for this to make it to the states. I have been checking for it online every day. It pains me to see all of Europe posting reviews of new stuff and the agonizing wait that I will have to endure. Arran 17. Not a single sighting over here. Plus our Bourbon advantage is negated by the total unavailability of everything good. Oh well, I can just salivate reading about it.


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