Linkwood 12: Flora & Fauna - 43%

Nose: Green apple slices, sugary pear drops, honey, pineapple cubes, sherbet lemons, grass, toasted pine nuts, Wrigley's spearmint chewing gum, watermelon, marzipan, crunchy custard creams, golden caster sugar and barley sugars.

Palate: Thick, rich and wonderfully mouth-coating. There's hints of honey, toffee, liquorice, almonds, macadamia nuts and it's also amazingly clean on the palate. Delicious.

Finish: The vanilla notes leap straight to the front, but are quickly followed by dark mint chocolate, golden syrup and hints of lemon. The finish is a decent length and leaves a lovely lingering sweetness.

Notes: I had long wanted to try something from Linkwood, but it's not the easiest single malt to find out in the wild. The Speyside distillery is owned by Diageo and most Linkwood finds its way into Johnnie Walker and White Horse rather than as a single malt bottling. So when I saw it on the shelf of a local whisky retailer, I jumped straight in. It took me quite a long time to fully appreciate this whisky and it wasn't until I was half-way down the bottle that things started to fall into place. Now, there's only a few drams left and it's definitely a whisky I would seek out again, but hopefully for a slightly cheaper price. If you see it for a good price, it's definitely one to pick up and save for long summer afternoons.


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