AnCnoc 12 - 40%

Last year, I was walking home from work, when I spotted a bottle of AnCnoc 12 on display in the window of my local Oddbins. In need of something light and fruity to counterbalance the peat monsters I had been quaffing, I nipped in and purchased a bottle for a thoroughly respectable £30.
    Bottles of whisky usually last ages in my house, but I enjoyed this so much, that it was polished off within a couple of weeks. Before you start to worry about my alcohol consumption, I'll take this opportunity to point out that I had some help and my friends actually enjoyed far more of the bottle than I did!
    I took down some tasting notes at the time and recently compared them to a dram I had in the pub, so I thought it was high time I updated the blog with my findings.
    On the nose, the AnCnoc 12 is light and fresh with beautiful floral notes dancing around the rim of the glass. There's honey, too, along with barley, orange, grapefruit and fresh ginger. Leave it to settle for a while, and the scent of fizzy sherbet lemons are unmistakable.
    The palate wasn't too complex, but it's a cracking summer light and clean dram, full of vanilla and honey notes. The finish served up more complexity than the palate would have you believe and I got tastes of herbal tea, liquorice, honey and fruit, while a lovely grassy/hay note tied everything together.


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