Glengoyne Teapot Dram: Batch 2, bottle 228/3200 - 58.5%

If you've been following this blog for a while, you might remember I had a thoroughly enjoyable visit to Glengoyne last August, where I sampled several top quality drams and had a nose about the picturesque distillery. I left that Sunday clutching a bottle of the Teapot Dram (a distillery only bottling), which I've actually just finished - see, I'm really not necking whisky by the gallon. It definitely took a long time to hit the spot, this one, and while it's not the best whisky in the world, I enjoyed my time with the bottle.
    On the nose the sherry influence is immediately apparent, with pungent dried fruits assaulting the senses. After the initial punch, there's loads of dark caramel, chocolate, toasted oak, black cherries, a whiff of creme brulee, cranberry juice and a savoury note which reminded me of fresh coriander.
    On the palate, there was cinnamon, orange peel, bitter dark chocolate, honey, cloves, peppery mustard seeds and heavy tannins.
    The finish was full of chocolate, vanilla, stewed tea, more dried fruit, brown sugar and caramelised banana.


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