The Naked Grouse - 40%

I took a punt on this blend ages ago after hearing some positive Twitter chatter. I cornered the feathery blighter in a local supermarket and swiftly managed to grab it before it scarpered - and nabbed it for a decent price to boot. It's the first Famous Grouse I've tried and it turned out to be a thoroughly respectable dram, based around whisky from Macallan and Highland Park.
    On the nose there's a definite sherry character, but it's actually quite subtle. I also got scents of eucalyptus, mint, strawberry jam, toasted granary bread, prunes and cocoa. I also got a whiff of smoked ham.
    The palate wasn't exactly complex, but some of those sherry notes returned, along with a lovely thick jam note, making this an incredibly easy-drinking whisky.
    The finish was almost cake-like, thanks to that recurring sweet jam note which was accompanied by a slight yeasty taste. It was a bit short, though, but that didn't really put a dampener on this perfectly decent dram.
    So there you have it, a perfectly good blend for a nice price. Don't let that whisky snob in you prevent you from tasting this. It's fruity, easy drinking and makes a great session dram.


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