Bank Note 5-year-old blend - 43%

After demolishing two bottles of this cracking blend by the team at A.D Rattray throughout 2015, I figured it was about time to get some notes down.
     It's a step above a lot of blends currently on the market as 40% of the content is made up from single malts from the Highlands and Speyside.
     Refreshingly, it's also bottled at a thoroughly respectable 43%, carries an age statement and costs around the £20 mark. Superb stuff all round.

Nose: Rich honey cereals and grain. Cadbury's Caramel chocolate bar, golden syrup, lots of nutmeg and cinnamon. A slightly sour grapefruit note kicks around on the back end and I also get a whiff of Tunnock's Caramel Logs.

Palate: A sweet and sour arrival which feels rich in the mouth. Toffee and caramel, lots of spice and vanilla. Icing sugar and buttery fudge.

Finish: Vanilla toffee and cinnamon spice. A decent length and that spice continues to fizzle and spark the tastebuds.


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