Rittenhouse Rye 100 proof - 50%

I picked up this bottle in early 2014 as I was looking for something to tickle the tastebuds after finishing my bottle of High West Double Rye.
     I gave some consideration to grabbing another bottle but as the Rittenhouse - from the Heaven Hill distillery - was going for a good price, I took the plunge.
     Here's what I thought.

Nose: Mint, grass, caramel and vanilla ice cream with a dusting of ground cinnamon. There's also toasted rye bread, honey, orange peel, a twist of lemon and some distinct juniper scents. With water, stewed tea and floral aromatics.

Palate: A sweet, woody arrival that swiftly transforms into vanilla caramel. The spicy oak surrounds the flavours at every step. Lots of bitter honey, coffee, pepper and dark chocolate. Waters adds liquorice and chocolate covered cherries.

Finish: Incredibly spicy with brown sugar, mint, cinnamon, sour cherries, fresh ginger and a load of vanilla. Goes on for ages. Water softens the sharper tastes, although the grip of the spicy rye is never far away.


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