Spirit of Hven Tycho’s Star - 41.8%

When it comes to whisky from Sweden, the only ones I’d tried to this point had been from the Mackmyra distillery: the Brukswhisky and their First Edition - both top drams.
     So when this curiously named sample was hiding in this year’s Master of Malt advent calendar, I was excited to try it. And after spending some time with it, I’ll be ordering a full bottle in the new year.

Nose: Lots of rich honey and I get a definite whiff of peat. There’s also a real apple character, with apple skins and toffee apple aromas kicking about. The fruit character continues with pineapple juice and dried mango slices. After Eights, Crunchie bars and crystallised ginger.

Palate: A sweet and fruity arrival which is full-flavoured and rich. Red berry fruits, cranberries, sharp raspberries, baked lemon, brown sugar and milky coffee.

Finish: Cinnamon and honey, caramel, dry wood, vanilla, black pepper, malty cereals and that ginger note is back. Slowly fades with a spicy nutmeg. Mint leaves with crushed brown sugar, and a splash of Dr Pepper.


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