Jura 21 year old - 44%

Right then! Jura. My experiences with malts from the distillery have been few and far between. The last drop I had was the Superstition, which I thought was a fairly decent and easy-going peated dram.
     But when I got the chance to try something a little older, I jumped straight in. Happy to say that the 21 year old was a good 'un. Expensive stuff, though.

Nose: Caramel, rum and raisin toffee, port, treacle, molasses, espresso, dates, prunes and dark fruit cake. Blackcurrant cough sweets, flat traditional lemonade, honey-roasted cashews and macadamia nuts.

Palate: Christmas cake and royal white icing, marzipan and rum. Dried orange slices, baked lemon, sherry, blackcurrants, white pepper and cloves.

Finish: Vanilla and more Christmas cake. Sweet orange, lemon rind, coffee beans, cinnamon, treacle toffee.


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