Paul John Edited - 46%

Another dram from last year's whisky advent calendar - and another whisky from India. I previously had a look at the Amrut Fusion, buying a full bottle after first sampling it at the Newcastle Whisky Festival back in March 2014.

The Paul John Edited is just one of the malts available from the mind of master distiller Michael John - but it's the first one I've tried. It has a percentage of peated Scottish barley in the mashbill, with the final vatting containing around 15% of peated spirit. It's then matured in ex bourbon casks.

Nose: Huge, weighty and fruity - packs a real punch of aromas. There's also some floral characteristics coming through, along with blackcurrant Chewits and a lovely tobacco leaf note. Plums, figs, apples and honey. The peat lurks in the background and it's definitely not in you face. I also get butter icing, Juicy Fruit chewing gum and wood shavings.

Palate: A slow entry gives way to blackcurrant, baked lemon, icing sugar, apples, vanilla. There's also a slight wet paper note.

Finish: Very similar to the taste, with blackcurrants, lemon and apples. There's also some menthol and, right at the end, a cracking dusty wood note. It's also here where the shy peat comes through, but it's still a fruity dram.


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