A Taste of Teeling - Part 2

Back in September 2014, I wrote about Teeling’s rum cask finish and their single grain Irish whiskies. I really enjoyed both bottles, so when the 2015 whisky advent calendar revealed two more from Teeling, I was delighted.

First up is their single malt. It’s made from 100% malt whiskies and five wine-cask-finishes were used to blend this bad boy together - specifically sherry, port, madeira, white Burgundy and cabernet sauvignon. No age statement is given, but according to the Teeling website, the bottle contains “aged malt whiskey up to 23 years old.”

Next is a special release which, unlike the single malt, is now pretty hard to get hold of - the Teeling Silver Reserve 21 year old single malt. It was matured in ex bourbon barrels and then finished in Sauterne wine casks. That addition has given this dram a huge, fruity character - and it’s lovely whiskey. A total of 5000 bottles were produced.

It should also be noted that Teeling bottle all their juice at 46% and don’t chill filter them. Great stuff. Not sure about added colouring though.

Teeling Single Malt - 46%

Nose: Golden syrup and honey straight off the bat. There’s also fresh vanilla , cinnamon, Murray Mints and creamy barley sugars. There’s a green herbal note floating around along with a whiff of grappa and chalky Edinburgh rock. With a dollop of water, white grapes, oaky sawdust, cardamon, sweet toffee and sharp kiwi fruit join the party.

Palate: A savoury sweet arrival which gives way to thick honey. The taste is actually quite like the nose, with buttery mint and a little floral kick. Water ramps up the oak and vanilla and adds runny caramel. This has a lovely viscous mouth feel.

Finish: Sweet and spicy with cinnamon sticks dipped in honey. Water turns up the volume on the vanilla and adds white pepper and bitter dark chocolate. Lovely.

Teeling Silver Reserve 21 Year Old Single Malt - 46%

Nose: Right, who dropped the fruit bomb? Wow! Honeydew melon, lemon sherbet, tangerine, pineapple and mango. There’s also dusty vanilla oak. Water sends the fruit through the roof and brings a touch of passion fruit to the show. I also get gummy lemon Haribo and white sugar.

Palate: Big, bold and mouthwateringly fruity! Ooof! Orange segments and tangerine skin - and that orange continues in waves. There’s also white grapes and slight foam banana. After a few minutes, the oak starts to asset itself, but never becomes over the top. It seems impossible, but the addition of water adds even more fruit and ramps up the wood, while adding a dab of liquorice. This has to be classed as one of your five a day!

Finish: Vanilla oak, more tangerine and lemon. There’s some pleasant spice with water adding dusty oak, citrus and some vanilla.


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