Amrut Peated - 46% Batch 47 - bottled August 2015

It's been a couple of years since I bought a bottle of Amrut Indian whisky - I picked up a carton of the Amrut Fusion at the Newcastle Whisky Festival in 2014. So I thought it was high time I took another journey back to the Bangalore distillery.

There are a few expressions kicking about but with my love of peated malt, I plumped for the Amrut Peated. It carries no age statement, but with the higher temperatures in India, whisky matures at a much faster rate than here in Scotland.

It's bottled at 46%, is non-chill filtered and has had no colouring added.

Nose: Certainly peaty (natch!) but it's a soft, gentle peat which helps focus the abundance of sweet fruity aromas wafting from the glass. Straight off the bat I get thick apricot jam and gooseberry fool. It's incredibly sweet - perhaps a touch too sweet for me, but I'll press on in the name of science. Love Hearts sweets and half a packet of fizzy Refreshers. There's also a hint of tobacco leaf and Kendal mint cake - it really does have that hard, sugary character. Crystalised brown sugar sticks for swirling in coffee, and thick-cut orange marmalade. To my nose, the peat has all but disappeared by this point - just a dark, earthy note tucked away in the background.

Palate: A mouth-puckeringly sweet arrival. Wooof! But there's also something herbal going on. It packs a huge punch - even bottled at 46%. Soft white fruit, cinnamon - actually quite spicy, and a deep earthy note is also present. Orange oil and rind.

Finish: Orange marmalade, lemons, white pepper and lots more cinnamon. That earthy note is still there - and it's not hugely appealing but not entirely off-putting. The sweetness from the smell and taste doesn't really carry through here.

I found this quite interesting but the sweetness and the earthy finish were a bit too much for me. Glad I bought it but don't think I would again.


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