Ardbeg 10 - 46%

Looking through almost three years of blog posts, I was astounded to discover that the only Ardbeg I've ever taken tasting notes for was the Uigeadail back in September 2013!

Not even a whiff of the 10 - one of the all-time classic drams! So, I have to apologise - especially as I've had several bottles of this rather special, non-chill filtered Islay malt over the last few years.

Nose: Unmistakably Ardbeg. Huge mineral peat slaps you about the chops but it's also balanced with a citrus burst of lemon and tangerines. There's loads of salted white fish and salty sea breeze. There's some vanilla here, too and those pink and blue squishy discs you find in bags of liquorice allsorts - and dusty old Oddfellows. Water brings out a white sugar sweetness, some tobacco leaf and some sawdust.

Palate: Sweet arrival that quickly gives way to a citrus peat blast. That then fades, and adds lots of lemons, limes, green twigs and campfire smoke. Chalky vanilla and liquorice. Water ramps up the sweetness and subdues the citrus notes.

Finish: Lots of spicy mineral peat and bitter wood shavings. Light liquorice and salty vanilla. Water adds sawdust, intensifies the peat and leaves tobacco leaf.


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