Review: The Spice Tree Extravaganza - 46% - Compass Box

It's been just over four years since I last took a look at Compass Box's Spice Tree - and it should be noted that I've bought a few more since then. However, this is John Glaser's alternative take on his standard, year-round offering - a limited edition featuring older stock, with the spicy characteristics turned up to 11.

I purchased this bottle in February 2017 along with the Compass Box 3 Year Old Deluxe - although, I have yet to crack the seal on that one. Watch this space!

Also, just for the record, as I write this, the snow is falling heavily, and it could well be time to pour another dram to keep me warm.

So, on with the show...

On the nose, I get loads of fruit sprinkled with cinnamon - baked apples, gooseberries, orange rind and lime (green jelly babies?). There's also dried banana chips, royal icing, ginger and a box of pencils! A few drops of water bring out creamy vanilla (American Cream Soda) and butterscotch.

It tastes a lot like its younger brother (obviously) but I get an immediate slap of spicy orange, much more than the regular version. There's golden syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, vanilla and a slight hint of toffee. Water brings down the spicy character and makes it a much tastier dram.

The finish has loads of baking spices. Neat, I find the spiciness a bit much, but those oranges are back, and they've brought their tangerine cousins to the party. A few drops of water brings everything together and intensifies the tangerine character.

This is good, but I kinda prefer the regular bottle to this. But, if you're looking for an orange overload, there are still bottles of this out there.


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